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DuTemp is best described as a Developer and Project Management company with a vast knowledge and access to the latest designs and technologies around the world. We have been the backbone to many large international companies for their successful design, implementation, maintenance and operation of new or existing projects and facilities.


DuTemp Corp. has been involved in: 

  • Petroleum industries: Down Stream and Up Stream related projects including:
  • Seismic, Exploration, Drilling and Productio
  • Refining, Storage facilities and Distribution
  • Gas gathering, Pipelines, LNG facilities and Terminals
  • Offshore Production Platforms
  • GTL Technology from Sync Gas and through Waste Gasification by Plasma Arc reactors
  • Petrochemical industries with most unique designs and production solutions.
  • Civil Engineering including:
  • Schools, Hospitals, Hi-rise residential and commercial buildings
  • Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Parks
  • Water Purification and Water Treatment facilities in city scales
  • Roads, Highways and Bridges, Railroads and Metro, Tunnels
  • Agriculture industries including Land development and management, Irrigation, Biogenic, Forestry
  • Manufacturing and processing plants for Pharmaceutical and Food related industries including: Process, Packaging and Distribution
  • Airport design, construction and management
  • Communication systems including: Wireless, Data Centers , Gates and Hubs and Satellite systems and services
  • Power Generation including: Grid system and distribution facilities
  • Waste to Energy leader (worldwide) by Plasma Arc Reactor and Gasification Technology


Furthermore, DuTemp Corp. has been involved with:

  • Resource management including:
  • Short, Medium and Long Term planning for underdeveloped Countries to achieve their goals based on their total resources.
  • Privatization, Titling, Free Trade Zone Laws and International Law development to promote international investment.
  • Banking laws and regulation and International Banking.
  • Facilitate and promote international financing and Investments through Private and/or top 25 Western European Banks.

We believe in our ability to provide an access and a short cut to many industries and technologies for our clients that otherwise would suffer unnecessary delays and costs.




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