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It is a pleasure to present our clients with our expertise in economic expansion based on Resource management. Our approach for every country is unique to its geographies location as well as their resources and also the country’s immediate, mid term and long terms needs for maximum economic expansion and prosperity.

As an example; we believe that most African and Central/South American Countries are using only 5% of their resources in the right direction at this time. However, with most being currently in negative growth due to lack of planning, it would be just a matter of years before some of these countries will reach the point of collapse in economy and further social unfortunates for its people.

The US government spends about $2 billion per year to study the world market and its resources for most effecting planning in future implementation of factories and manufacturing to reach efficient ways to have a positive and intelligent role in the world’s market.

The planning starts with strongest element in any country: their people and their prosperity. Furthermore, infrastructure does play the key role to address positive growth in the commercial, agricultural and industrial sector that will guarantee their role to control the trade around the world.

We wish to provide the same approach for any potential Country willing to take this approach. A short term, mid term and long term planning will make this possible. We believe any Country could reach a 100% growth in their GDP and 12% in their GNP per year within 5-7 years with proper planning and investment.

We are aware of other countries gains and failures based on their economic planning and expansion and we provide our clients with this knowledge to make their Nations a better place to live and enjoy life for everyone. Without vision and leadership such goals will not be achieved.

For the short term growth we rely on people’s ability to participate in economic independency for domestic products consumption vs. imports with proper governmental supervision and guidelines by creating a competitive edge for the local producers through exempts, import tax or subsidies including the proper means of food processing to allow such a product to reach the markets and also low interest loan packages including proper machinery made available to the people, without import tax, to achieve these goals.

With this approach, government will gain the confidence of its people by acknowledging them to be a part of the solution. Confirmation of such a partnership  will reinstate the role of government as sincere public servants.

Addressing health and education are the most important elements to become independent and support the foundation for rapid growth. Therefore the aim of short term and mid term planning must address:

  • Free Education

  • Water purification and treatment

  • Recycling and waste management

  • Building hospitals, clinics and Pharmaceutical manufacturing plants

  • Access to Electricity

  • Implementing Roads and Transportation systems

  • Low cost Communication services

  • Central Banking re-construction and adapting the Monitory Fund Policy

  • Re-structuring the Commerce department with new guide lines

  • Adapting new environmental guide lines (meet the 2005, 2010 EPA Standards)

  • Adapting the new construction and manufacturing Codes system

  • Deflation

The mid term and long term’s planning will concentrate on;

  • Tax system, privatization, entrepreneurship

  • Import and export expansion through exemption

  • Free trade agreement with potential countries

  • Manufacturing planning and expansion, intelligently

  • Concentrate on exporting the finished products instead of exportation of the Raw materials with comprehensive world market study.

  • Free flowing of importing Raw materials from other countries as the feedstock for the factories with minor restriction

  • Tax exemption: for exporting Finished products to the world market, especially to new free trade partners

These plans will be very effective. A good example is United States of America with their petroleum industry. While a barrel of crude oil is being purchased about $25 (prior to surge in Crude Oil Pricing in 2003), when the finished product values exceed $200 (the current market has proven higher return for U.S. refiners).

As an essential part of these implementations, DuTemp Corporation will assist with  Banking institutions, especially the Central Bank, for adapting a domestically friendly economic expansion policy through switching to Monitory System (major planning must be done for smooth transition, rapid transition may have adverse effects on economy) 

We believe that the Justice system will be the back bone of this success with providing a crime free environment for growth and prosperity. A strong Justice department will be translating in fraud prevention and it will become a positive signal for investment abroad.

Moreover, an office shall be established to safeguard the integrity of the operation of all departments under the new guidelines and this could be achieved through Inspector General Office. This office must be established from whom that believe in the future of their Country and without being influenced by power or corruption. 

Of course the biggest challenge would be the cost and funding. We estimate a front study package and the planning will start from $5.0 million USD and based on its complexity, it can cost up to $15.0 Million USD. This study will explore all elements in respect to growth and expansion of the country and formulate the preliminary guide lines for short and mid terms expansion. Furth er studies (progress corrections to adapted policies) must be done quarterly based on the developments form $250,000 to $500,000 per quarter.

Funding; this chapter is the key to progress and implementation of economic recovery. DuTemp Corp. will assist the government(s) with collateralization of their funds or treasures to accumulate up to 10 times of their values in the form of low interest loan from Europe an Union and their financial institution.

Note: Any credit enhancement must be evaluated by DuTemp and its success may be based on the faith and credit rating of the Government however, DuTemp could overcome many obstacles currently mandatory by other financial institutions.


On the Foot Note: 

Here is some of other thoughts for economic recovery in many Country: 

Even though none two economies are the same but the experience of other economies around the world has produced enough road maps for other Country.

To cure one is to diagnose the problems first. Many of the Countries are currently suffering from poverty that will bring their governments’ to its knees in the very close future. There has always been the question of what is the remedy;

  • Big Corporation and Macro Economy

  • Or, Socialistic development

In most cases, any invitation to the big Corporation will result to another major set back in the economic and social development and will create;

  • Sweat Shops

  • More poverty

  • Less development

  • Devastation of current infrastructures

  • Point of no return.

What is important is to realize the timing for every implementation. As I said earlier; “none two economies are the same” however, in the case of USA and the deep depression after World War II and their remedies could be a body of examples for bailing out your economy.

USA took advantage of its weak Dollar and lunched a massive campaign to reconstruct its infrastructures. This action by the US government has created a massive job industry that contributed to the creation of the middle class in America as we know it today and still is the back bone of economic stability in US economy.

USA and many other governments have learned that without social reform there will be no economic development and without Federal Money and Tax incentives to boost the growth in the middle class, there will be no platform to implement Macro Economy.

Therefore, we reach this conclusion: Many Governments are in the wrong path to recovery and all the newly implements laws/regulations that are in place, will not create any growth or stimulation in their current or future economies.

Most projects, developed by their experts, are base on incentives and none will bring money back to the table, neither for Government nor for Public for 10 to 15+ years.

Borrowing from the World Bank is another wrong step and opening the door to TOTAL ECONOMIC DESTRUCTION due to the collection policy of the World Bank and ignoring the recovery chapter in their contract that will simply inform you of their procedures to recover any outstanding debts as:

  • “World Bank reserves the right to Full Recovery of Debt by taking over your economy including controlling;

  • All Imports

  • All Exports

  • Shutting down local production to crate new market for import of their Goods

  • Increase Tax to Farmers and all other businesses

  • Control of Central Bank and the Value of your currency

  • Forcing your Country to adopt a new Currency favorable to World Bank (USD) and obsolete your Currency

  • Full rights and ownership to extract all your Minerals and Natural Resources, unconditionally to recover their Debit.

  • Compounding Interest on Interest and penalties during this process.

One would think that anyone borrowing money from the World Bank did not understand the Total Debit Recovery chapter in the World Bank’s contract. The truth is that only after you default on your payments does the World Bank will bring this chapter to your attention.

Unfortunately, the path to recovery will be difficult for most Countries since all current laws/regulations are not in favor of Socialistic Reforms. Instead they will be concentrating on attracting big Corporations as the fix for their economy.

There are those who may unintentionally contribute to this disaster with the issuing of Banking Instruments with the faith of the Central Bank. This is another recipe for disaster and those providing these guidelines may push the Country to its edge.

I wish I could say there is the Sun in the horizon but the fact is that most of these Nations will be facing the most difficult time in their history while trying to keep their pride as great nations and maintain the integrity of the economic structure of these great Countries in the course of history. 



Any Country with these dilemmas, must take advantage of its weak currency to lunch a massive reconstruction of its infrastructures for the first 5 years, and must try to inject $5 to $10 Billion per year into its economy. This will create economic stimulation and structure the road map to build a middle class and eventually a suitable platform toward Micro Economy within the next 5-10 years.

Furthermore, all loans from the World Bank shall be paid immediately or payments to be made on time until such a time arrive.

Tax breaks for all exports including agriculture and farming. No Taxation for any machinery imports that are the basis of core manufacturing. 10 years No Tax on Capital Gain Income.

Promotion of Saving with High return on Time Deposits Saving accounts. 15 years Tax Holiday on all foreign investments.

Structuring Labor Laws and Guidelines for foreign investors and Corporations seeking manufacturing in the host country with minimum wage requirement and benefit policies.

May we assist you proudly to achieve your goals with your country’s future economic prosperity?  






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