Water and Fluid Treatment



Keeping our water clean is now a global problem that effects not only the environment but the human race. We are currently suffering from the lack of clean water and related water treatment facilities around the world, especially in third world countries. Dutemp has developed systems that not only produce clean water for consumption but also treat waste water to protect the natural resources of Earth and stop infection cycles.

Pulse Power water treatment systems use @ 10,000 volts of electricity to charge the water 150 times per second to kill all organics. The process then fuses all other matter in the water and separates out solids through shock waves. The water is disinfected by the creation of broad band U.V. light and the formation of Ozone and OH radicals. The amount of power used is determined by the degree of pathogen kill and/or volume of water treated.

Our system can process any liquid, (i.e. fruit juices, blood plasma, cutting oils, diesel fuel, even conductive liquids.) The process also dewaters sludge.

Other applications; fisheries, ultra clean water, food industry, labs, waste water treatment, pond, canal, river and lake clean up.

All of our facilities can be self contained, without the need for other infrastructure such as electrical grid systems.  Solar energy can be used to power our plants. This creates new opportunities to reach those that otherwise would not have access to these systems in the third world countries and remote areas.




DuTemp Water Treatment

  • Pulse Power
  • Kills all Bacteria
  • Processes any Liquid
  • Ultra Clean Water
  • Self Contained Facilities


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