Financial Services 


DuTemp’s guarantees are instrument grade “AA” rated bank instruments such as “Bank Guarantee” (BG) or “Standby Letter of Credit” (SBLC) equal to amount of investment.

If a plant's performance fails to meet the benchmarks set by the FEED study, DuTemp will return 100% of your investment without question.

  •  DuTemp Corporation will guarantee the performance of its plants against the benchmarks set by the FEED study.

  • DuTemp builds its plants in compliance with all “Standard Guarantee” requirements mandated by the hosting governing authority.

  • DuTemp Corporation is the only company in the world providing “Performance Guarantees”

  • DuTemp’s plant designs exceeds all emission mandates set by US-EPA, European Union, IMF, World Bank and WTO.


Financial Services

  • DuTemp is dedicated to assisting you in obtaining optimal funding for your project.




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