Atmospheric Gasifier vs. Plasma Arc Gasifier



Atmospheric Gasifier

Plasma Arc Gasifier

Air Pollution

Old design. Releases Toxic Gases and Ashes in the Air.

Zero Emissions of gases.

Air Pollution Control

Attempts to reduce emissions. Cleans and Deodorizes gases before release in the air as best Option.

ELIMINATES Air pollution.


Uses Coal which itself produces toxic gases and hazardous waste. Can use imported natural gas.

SELF POWERED. No fuel is needed.

Hazardous waste Handling

Does not operate at required temperatures to destroy hazardous material. Produces ashes (Hazardous). Residue can contain hazardous material that causes diseases.

Turns all waste, organic and non organic matters into atoms and molecules (basic chemical structures).

Underground Water and Ground contamination

Creation of potential hazardous waste from the process needs to be land filled or buried, which potentially can contaminate the ground and underground water resources.



Gases and ashes released in the air constitute NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF CANCER AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES in the World.

Zero Emissions.

Power Generation

Cost per Megawatt

Cost per Megawatt over $3.0M USD

Cost per Megawatt 1.0M to $1.2M USD


Cost 200 Megawatt



200 Megawatt plant cost $600.0M USD


200 Megawatt DuTemp plant cost $200.0M USD


Cost 650 Megawatt


650 Megawatt plant cost $2.0Bn USD

650 Megawatt DuTemp plant cost $780.0M USD

Life Expectancy

3 Years on Gasifier

50 Years on Reactor


Standard Gasifier produces 40% slag

Reactors has 2% slag in form of usable gypsum


Conversion Rate

Standard gasification Conversion rate is 44 -60% of Coal

Reactors’ conversion rate of Coal is 98% of its carbon molecules


Standard gasification requires landfill

All products are recycled thus no landfill


Standard gasification requires burying CO2

Co2 captured for sale or recycled back to reactor as feedstock

Performance Guarantee

Standard Gasifier has no performance guarantee

DuTemp has performance guarantee

US-EPA Mandates

Standard Gasifier cannot meet the US-EPA 2005/2006/2008 mandates

Plant will exceed 2020 US-EPA standards

Gasifier Cost per barrel

$96,000 per barrel

$33,000 per barrel




  • Pollution Free
  • Zero Emissions
  • 100% Conversion



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