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DuTemp Management Team

DuTemp has strategic relationships with over 1500 manufacturing yards along the Gulf of Mexico and the Eastern Coast of the United States and we have established trade partnership ageements with over 500 global manufactures. This ensures that your project will be on schedule and on budget. We welcome your project regardless of size and scope.

DuTemp has manufacturing facilities with direct and intermodal access to the “Houston Ship Channel”. These assets facilitate DuTemp's ability to meet our clients' manufacturing requirements while making the rapid deployment of materials and modules to jobs sites, anywhere in the world, a reality.

DuTemp’s Senior Management:

•Mr. Phillip Stafford, Architect, Chairman

•Mr. Farid Seif, CEO, MEP, Responsible for all proposals and communications/affairs

•Mr. Mel Hopper, PE, President

•Mr. Thomas Dardas, Esq. Executive Senior Vice President

•Mr. Randy Depoister, Director, Midwest U.S. Regional Representative 

•Mr. Wolfgang Essig, PE, Director, Central/South American Representative

•Mr. Reza Hajjarian, PE, Director, Middle East Representative

At DuTemp, we hire the best the World has to offer. Rest assured, your project will be constructed and managed by World Class, dedicated professionals. 


DuTemp Performance and Financial Guarantee

DuTemp Corporation will guarantee the performance of its plants against the benchmarks set by Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) study

In the event  plants performance does not meet the benchmarks set by FEED study, DuTemp returns 100% of investment without any questions.


DuTemp’s guarantees are instrument grade “AA” rated bank instruments such as “Bank Guarantee” (BG), Bank Promissory Note or “Standby Letter of Credit” (SBLC) equal to amount of investment.  

DuTemp builds the  plants under “Standard Guarantees” requirements’ mandated by the hosting State/Country

DuTemp Corporation is the only company in the world that provides a “Financial Guarantee”. An instrument is posted with ownership in DuTemp’s name and investor as beneficiary. This instrument is posted on Euroclear and remains there for the duration of construction. This guarantees funds for return of investment.

Investor has option of investing funds as debt, equity or convertible debt.

After 90 days of continuous operation, invested funds can be converted to common stock, preferred stock, corporate note or long-term bonds at discretion of investor or funds returned guaranteed by instrument.

DuTemp’s plant designs exceeds all emission mandates set by US-EPA 2020, European Union, IMF, World Bank and WTO.

Disclaimer: DuTemp reserves the right to provide the financial guarantee for qualifying projects. There are minimum investment requirements for  the “Financial Guarantee” option and  the Financial Guarantee is issued  at the sole discretion of DuTemp.


Our Mission Statement

We Manage the World by providing innovative and environmentally responsible solutions for Construction, Exploration, and the reclamation and processing of natural resources.

What We Do

DuTemp Resources will provide the owners representative management function normally provided by executives of major oil refining companies addressing all of the applicable and typical issues and phases involved in a project of this nature.  Our capabilities come from years of working in refining related areas.  These areas include refinery project development; greenfield and revamped refinery project startup; crude and product supply and coordination; refinery operations, maintenance, staffing and organizational development.   With this function, significant expertise is provided in areas of refining markets, grass roots refining configuration and project development, efficient manning and operations, and possibly most important, refining engineering problem solutions not addressed by other engineering firms.   This expertise consists of smaller issue-specialized analytical capabilities derived form former oil executives, refinery managers, engineering managers and project construction executives who are willing to contribute to the project's success.  A number of our individuals have prior greenfield refinery project development experience in major refining complexes around the world.

Most consulting companies have market niches and choose not to act as owner's representative/management from concept to completion.  They choose to provide only their narrow segment of the project information development.  DuTemp selects the most appropriate skills from the consulting and engineering fields and manage the development process, analyze the work product and integrate the results for presentation and financing by the project investors.

DuTemp selects the most appropriate skills from the consulting and engineering fields and manage the development process, analyze the work product and integrate the results for presentation and financing by the project investors.






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