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Transnational companies North American, European and Colombian will construct refinery in Panama Update

18 of May of 2007. -

After oil transnational companies: a North American, the other European and Ecosel Colombian announced this Friday who reached an agreement by 6,500 million dollars to construct an arc refinery shapes with capacity to process 250,000 daily barrels of crude, in three years, the second project of this magnitude announced in one week in Panama.


One is the oil DuTemp North American, the European ControlSud and the Ecosel Colombian. The president of second, Alberto Grosso, said a the AFP that the project, elaborated a year ago, was presented/displayed this week to president Martín Torrijos, as soon as the government of Panama signed oil Tuesday an agreement with other international to construct a refinery to 500 kilometers to the west of the capital.


"the construction of this refinery will obtain that Panama receives greater importance in America Center and the world like a Power Hub", explained Grosso. The architect of the agreement, Sergio Barreto, informed on the other hand a the AFP that "one is an ecological refinery with a design that allows to obtain the one hundred percent of Full Conversion, without remainders, nor emissions".


This project is added to signed Tuesday by Qatar Petroleum and Occidental Petroleum with the Panamanian government for the construction of a refinery with capacity for 350,000 barrels, whose cost is anticipated in 8.000 million dollars. Panama also has received in the last two years supplies of Venezuela and Singapur to construct petroleum refineries. It has aspirations to gain in addition a regional refinery impelled by the government to Mexico.



DuTemp also announces refinery for Panama

The partnership says to have the 6 thousand 500 million dollars that the project in Columbus requires.

The Mici indicate that the proposal is due to make official requesting the permission for a free zone of petroleum.

  BLOOMBERG/Diego Giudice
  ‘ARCO OF PLASMA’. The refinery of DuTemp would have capacity to process 250 thousand daily petroleum barrels.
Rafael And Berrocal R.

Panama has become o'clock attractive for the installation of petroleum refineries. Western Petroleum (Oxy), PEMEX, president Hugo Chávez and until the government of Singapur have sent proposals. Some of them have happened already to phases of studies and others have remained in mere political promises.

Now, the oil company American DuTemp, associated with the European ControlFud and the Ecosel Colombian, has announced him to the Ministry of Commerce and Industries (Mici) that already count on the financing to take ahead the installation of a petroleum refinery in Columbus, with an investment of 6 thousand 500 million dollars.

Sergio Barreto, local representative of DuTemp, indicated that he is a refinery "of reactor of plasma arc", with capacity to process 250 thousand fuel daily petroleum barrels premium of 125 octanes. The partnership stands out that it is a "technology of clean production", that will allow to refine petroleum to take care of the markets of the United States, Europe, Central America and Panama.

Barreto said that they hope to soon have the permissions of the Panamanian authorities to begin the studies in June. Soon, to have the refinery in operation, "would take about 30 months", needed.

Vice-minister of Trade Domestic, Manuel Jose Walls, admitted that they have met with the representatives of DuTemp, who have assured to him to have the financing of the work, but stood out that the first passage for a project of this type is to obtain the permission of free zone of petroleum.

The president of DuTemp, Faric Said, is hoping that president Martín Torrijos gives to appointment the next week him to officially present/display the proposal to him, that would give use to thousand 500 people. The project, even, contemplates the construction of a town so that the employees of the refinery can live near the work.

In parallel, minister of Energy and Industrias of Qatar, Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah, will arrive at the east country Sunday to make official the participation of Qatar Petroleum in the refinery that Oxy in Armuelles Port will construct.




DuTemp también anuncia refinería para Panamá

El consorcio dice tener los 6 mil 500 millones de dólares que requiere el proyecto en Colón.

El Mici señala que se debe oficializar la propuesta pidiendo el permiso para una zona libre de petróleo.


BLOOMBERG/Diego Giudice



‘ARCO DE PLASMA’. La refinería de DuTemp tendría capacidad para procesar 250 mil barriles de petróleo diarios.

Rafael E. Berrocal R.

Panamá se ha convertido en punto atractivo para la instalación de refinerías de petróleo. Occidental Petroleum (Oxy), Pemex, el presidente Hugo Chávez y hasta el gobierno de Singapur han lanzado propuestas. Algunas de ellas han pasado ya a fases de estudios y otras se han quedado en meras promesas políticas.

Ahora, la compañía petrolera estadounidense DuTemp, asociada con la europea ControlFud y la colombiana Ecosel, le han anunciado al Ministerio de Comercio e Industrias (Mici) que ya cuentan con el financiamiento para llevar adelante la instalación de una refinería de petróleo en Colón, con una inversión de 6 mil 500 millones de dólares.

Sergio Barreto, representante local de DuTemp, señaló que se trata de una refinería "de reactor de arco de plasma", con capacidad para procesar 250 mil barriles de petróleo diarios en combustibles premium de 125 octanos. El consorcio resalta que se trata de una "tecnología de producción limpia", que permitirá refinar petróleo para atender los mercados de Estados Unidos, Europa, Centroamérica y Panamá.

Barreto dijo que esperan tener pronto los permisos de las autoridades panameñas para empezar los estudios en junio. Luego, tener la refinería en operación, "tomaría unos 30 meses", precisó.

El viceministro de Comercio Interior, Manuel José Paredes, admitió que se han reunido con los representantes de DuTemp, quienes le han asegurado tener el financiamiento de la obra, pero resaltó que el primer paso para un proyecto de este tipo es conseguir el permiso de zona libre de petróleo.

El presidente de DuTemp, Faric Said, está esperando que el presidente Martín Torrijos le dé cita la próxima semana para presentarle oficialmente la propuesta, que daría empleo a mil 500 personas. El proyecto, incluso, contempla la construcción de un pueblo para que los empleados de la refinería puedan vivir cerca del trabajo.

En paralelo, el ministro de Energía e Industrias de Qatar, Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah, llegará al país este domingo para oficializar la participación de Qatar Petroleum en la refinería que construirá Oxy en Puerto Armuelles.

Dec. 10,2005: A MOU was signed between Iraqi Government (MOE) and DuTemp Corporation to construct a 4500 MT/day MSW waste conversion plant using Plasma Arc Reactor. This plant will convert MSW to Syngas and the final product will be electricity through a combined cycle Power Generation Plant. This MOU was signed on December 10, 2005. 

July 13, 2006: DuTemp is in process of concluding the installation of a new 250,000 bbl/day heavy Crude Oil Refinery base on gasification and Plasma Arc Reactor concept in the country of Panama. This facility will be producing many products including pure 125 Octane gasoline that it will be use for blending with other gasoline produced in conventional refineries to increase Octane and reduce impurities.

April 3, 2006 -- DuTemp is pleased to announce that DuTemp has initiated the design engineering of numerous new projects in the area of Waste to Energy by the mean of Plasma Arc Reactor. These Plants will be installed in USA and Middle East...future announcements will occur during the third quarter of this year...Please watch this section of our website for these important and exciting project announcements...

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